For people who want better,
not more.

Epic Marketing Partners is a design, technology, and marketing studio located in Columbus Ohio.

We are a small group of talented web designers, software developers, and marketing professionals.

Our clients are small to medium sized companies, family owned businesses, and entrepreneurs operating in a wide range of industries.

At Epic Marketing Partners we are dedicated to supporting the growth of your business by building company websites, ecommerce stores, and marketing solutions tailored to your individual needs.

Are you looking for someone who can think outside of the box? We never even see the box.

Three things
makes us

An awesome team was forged
by building smart solutions.


Our job is to build websites, ecommerce stores, and run marketing campaigns. Our mission is to make a significant impact and deliver amazing results for our partners to support the growth of their businesses.


Epic Marketing Partners’ goal is to become the on-demand website, ecommerce, and marketing department of the business. This gives our partners the freedom to stay focused on the core of their business while being able to steer the direction of their online marketing efforts.


We believe that open communication is one of the key elements in a successful partnership. As our marketing partner we will be sure to point out not only your project’s achievements, but the risks as well to support your decision making process.


People are searching for your
product right now. We help
them find it.

Looking for a small business website design or ecommerce website? Our designers develop a website specifically for your business needs to showcase your products and services. Take a look to our website portfolio. All of our mobile ready websites and ecommerce stores come with social media integration and designed for conversion optimization.

Already have a website or ecommerce store? Take a look to our affordable online marketing solution. Check out our powerful search engine optimization (SEO) package, the social media advertisements and the email marketing services. Social media management, search engine marketing, and reporting tools are also included in our packages.

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is good,
but sales…
sales are
much better.

We will build a killer CTA for you

Every page on a business website should have the goal to trigger some sort of action by the visitor. But how can we create an effective call-to-action area? Here are a couple of the tricks:

Highlight the need and communicate the benefits.
Receive quality leads that you can turn to new business on a daily basis! To learn more about how can we make your website working for you, email us at info@epicmarketingpartners.com.

Offer something extra and emphasize urgency.
Our new website and ecommerce customers will get a month of FREE search engine optimization service. Don’t miss this opportunity, call us today at 614-427-3534!