I started in social media marketing back in 2011. At the time, I was a web administrator and our company’s social media pages fell into my lap. I was told,

“We have had a Facebook Page and ‘a Twitter’ for a few years. We just want someone to make sure they get updated when you get free time.”

Always approaching challenges head-on, I accepted and opened the Facebook page.

Facebook said: “You started your page 3 years ago.”
Me: “Ok, that’s good,” I thought. “Getting ahead of the game.”
Facebook: “You have 22 followers.”
Me: “…”

A solution to change directions in social media

Unbelievable. Something had to be wrong.

I had a surge of overwhelmed anxiety considering I had previously announced that we would have over 10,000 followers within a year. I knew social media marketing could be done in a right way. I was following several successful brands on social media.

So what was their key to success? What would I do to make ours a success?

As I researched methods forged by leading experts, I understood that there were 4 general practices that paved the way for true success in social media marketing. By following these steps, I was able to grow our Facebook following to over 13,000 in my first year while also strengthening our other channels like Twitter and Instagram.

The great news is that you can achieve the same result and greater with your social media marketing if you will implement the following 4 tips.

Does social media marketing work?
Does social media marketing work?

Does social media marketing even work?

Before I get into the strategies behind effective social media marketing, I need to address this question. It was one I asked early on: “Should I even engage in social media? Is it really valuable?”

For marketing, that answer is most certainly, YES!

In recent reports provided by expandedramblings.com, Facebook alone has achieved a staggering 1.57 Billion daily users.

You read right –One-sixth of the people on the planet log into Facebook every day.

Twitter has amassed an incredible 1.3 Billion registered accounts, and the numbers are increasing every day.

Now is the time to join the Social Media Marketing Game

The point is, your business has greater access to engage with people than ever before, and you will earn great rewards from effective utilization of these social media tools.

If you implement the following tips, you will be able to establish authority in your industry with your customers, you will be able to gain a level of control over how your customers view your brand, and you can even use social media as a call-to-action leading customers to your website.

Tip 1 – Activity is key

Staying active doesn’t have to mean more work or time

If that sounds incredibly time consuming, that’s because it can be; but it doesn’t have to be.

One thing I do to make sure my posts are consistently updating is to sit down for one hour every day, write my posts for the following day, and use a social media manager (like hootsuite) to schedule my posts for delivery.

That’s all it takes.

I write 20-30 posts every day, include quality media where applicable, and schedule all posts for the following day. It’s easy to stay active, but it can be crippling to do nothing.

Nothing damages a social media presence faster than building a page and leaving it without any activity.

There is a saying that the only companies that truly fail in social media marketing are those who don’t engage enough with their followers. When you are ready to take the leap into social media marketing, you must be ready and willing to take action, and a lot of action.

Why so much?

The majority of people on social media, while definitely logging in, don’t travel much past their home page. Chances are that your customer is not going to go to your business page every time they log on to see what new posts you have. You have to make the cut to show up on that home page, and the best way to ensure that you do is by keeping consistent, quality posts coming.

Tip 2 – Engage. Don’t sell

Value interaction over another sales pitch

Social media marketing works the same way as any other marketing.

You have to engage with your customers.

You can’t use social media as just another way to give a sales pitch. Ask questions (and be interested in the answers), share pictures and videos of your product in use, and educate your customers on those information pieces that truly make you the industry champion.

One of the greatest blunders I’ve seen businesses make in social media marketing is to use their page only to promote their latest sale, greatest product, or new service.

Listen carefully.


Think of it this way. Let’s say you go into your favorite shoe store just to kill some time. One of the sales associates shows you the latest shoe, but you are just looking around for fun. You aren’t going to buy anything. The associate reminds you 3 times in the next 5 minutes that there is a huge sale going on. You really don’t want to buy anything. You’re just looking. You are assaulted again with offers for socks and shoelaces. By this time, you’re leaving never to return again.

Diversify social media posts
Diversify your social media posts

Tip 3 – Diversify posts

Did you know that there are more ways to share information than just writing a 160-character post about it? One sentence is not enough to engage anyone. Your customers have a need for variety in what they are seeing, and social media offers more opportunities than ever to establish variety.

Try some of these different types of activity in your social media channels:

  • Write text posts that are entertaining and/or educational
  • Share blog articles
  • Attach photos and videos
  • Conduct polls with your followers
  • Take part in “live events”
  • Join Groups to engage in topical discussions

Tip 4 – Reflect the personality of your business

When you communicate with your customers through social media, make sure you talk in your own voice. Social media is not a place where sales pitches and formalities are well-accepted. Instead, use the voice that best reflects the values and mission of your business.

Are you a consultant? Share advice.

Are you a pizza shop? Show off those gourmet meals you provide your customers (and share their photos of how happy they are eating your food).

Whatever your industry, you should be using social media to effectively engage with your customers, so talk to them in your voice.

Remember, it’s you they do business with in the first place.


Social media offers great tools to both get into the minds of your customers and to have them see into yours. Right now is the time to start participating in this crucial marketing strategy. Get in the social game, engage your customers, and grow your reputation to become the leader of your industry.

Check out our list of popular and emerging social medias that you can start using today!

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