Have you visited websites of digital marketing agencies lately? What about website design companies?

I did. Hundreds of them. I did my homework just like any other business owners do or should do. It was medium level fun, but I remained strong reading the words, paragraphs, and the thousands of pages to see what competitions offer, how they engage with their Potential Customers, and the Dear Visitor….. that is you.

My reason in conducting this research was that we, at the Epic Marketing Partners, really felt the need for our own website. We were flooded with work, but being in the website design and marketing field without a website raised some eyebrows, even though most of those belonged to me.

So I made an executive decision, our next client must wait a bit until we finish up our own site, and here we are.

What will Google deliver to you?

Let’s say you are a small business owner and in need of a new website. You go straight to Google and search for website development companies. You click around and you browse, then browse some more.

I can tell you what you have on your screen, without even knowing on which site you landed on. You will see an image on the top with the standard smiling faces with their politically correct selection of actors. They are in a meeting and someone is pointing to a computer screen. They look like a happy family, except they are all young. Naturally.

If you dare to scroll down, you will get tons of buzz words and abbreviations written not for humans but for search engines so you can find this very site easily. You will read lectures about SEO, SEM, GA, , PHP, CSS, PPC (my marketing analyst corrected me three times the other day that CPC is the new PPC. Well, I am sorry, OK?).

Do you need to know what these all stand for? Does it matter to your business? Probably not much. There is a side advantage though. After reading enough of these, the next time you are with your friends you will be able to casually drop words into the conversation such as responsive site, flat design, above the fold, metro style, and the pretender of the throne: parallax himself.

Won’t your new knowledge be fun?

Digital marketing confusion
Digital marketing, they keep it easy for you… or not.

The digital mumbo jumbo

Scrolling over design studios’ and marketing agencies’ websites are even more surreal.

They are creative. Of course.

Award winning. You betcha!

Multiplatform. Whatever.

They all build craft great flagship internet digital sites experiences.

The funniest thing is that in the same sentence as they confuse you with acronyms, they are quick to say that they put people first. One starts to wonder, are they talking about people of… Earth? I built websites since the dawn of the Internet. During these 20 or so years, I don’t think I ever had a customer asking me for an interactive digital vision to be crafted (no, please do not even think about calling me now with that).

Let me ask you this: who is the audience of these marketing visionaries and digital innovators? Who are they talking to, because not for you and me, that is for sure. I believe they are talking to each other.

A secret ingredient is missing from this relationship

It is you. The customer.

Our clients want to work with people who are actually delivering results in marketing. Simple wins.

They don’t need innovators, because they don’t want to reinvent marketing, they want to take advantage of it. We serve them.

Our clients want working websites with time proof design that are delivered on time and within budget.

They don’t want to learn all about a metro style design with a parallax scrolling right under the fold. They have a business to run. We serve them.

No games, just smiles
No games, just smiles

We believe that a business relationship should be honest and straightforward. No games, but smiles. We are simply people with significant experience in marketing and web design field, and we are working hard for the success of our clients.

The chemistry of business

At Epic Marketing Partners we don’t believe in the business to business approach. We don’t believe in the business to customer approach either. We believe in the human to human approach. We serve YOU.

Good bye B2B. So long B2C. Welcome H2H!

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