I’m going to write a word that might scare you a little. Brace yourself. Here it comes: Cold-Call.

Did your skin crawl? Stomach turn? Do you want to curl up into a ball and climb under your desk? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Many professionals cringe at the term. Why is that?

For most, we hate cold-calling because of the uncertainty behind it. We don’t know if customers really need our product, what their purchasing budget is, or who will even answer the phone. They could be a C-suite manager, an Executive Assistant, or the front desk receptionist; and, so far as you know, they don’t want to talk to you or hear your sales pitch.

Cold-calls exist in marketing

Unfortunately, while not identified as “cold-calling”, marketing efforts can play the same guessing game. You can launch a campaign, be it email, pay-per-click, or social, and never know just how you will be received by your customers; but don’t fear. There is a way to enter into every marketing campaign with an abundance of confidence that you will be able to generate more success than ever before.

The strategy you are about to read is time-tested and has been developed by award-winning marketers. Best of all, it doesn’t have to cost you a dime, just some intentional effort.

So, what is the magical first step to ensure your marketing campaigns work brilliantly? It’s developing your Primary Marketing Profile.

Cold-calls exist in marketing
Cold-calls exist in marketing

What is a Primary Marketing Profile?

The Primary Marketing Profile is the first tool used to eliminate the guessing game, to know everything about your customer before you ever write the first line of content or design your first graphic. It describes the physical, emotional, conversational, psychological, and corporate traits of your ideal customer.

The profile is an incredibly detailed description of your ideal customer. So granular, in fact, that by the end, you will have identified the customer’s name, age, and region of location. Define how your customer talks, what their social interests are, how many employees they work with.

This profile is a statement that creates a foundation for how you approach every marketing campaign with more precision and success.

How does the Primary Marketing Profile benefit your business?

By developing your Primary Marketing Profile, you will be able to approach every marketing campaign knowing how your ideal customer talks, what engages them, what their needs are, and why you are the best candidate meet their needs. By identifying every detail about your ideal customer, you will be able to approach all customers with a base line of what qualifies a sale, why they are shopping from you in the first place, and how the customer takes in information.

Knowing these details about your customer before you ever deliver the first marketing piece gives you an upper hand on effectively communicating your value message.

Whether you are selling to business with million dollar transactions or to a retiree who wants to enjoy your finest coffee, the Primary Marketing Profile will streamline your sales process because you have, in essence, pre-qualified your customer for the sale.

Let me show you how effective this process can be

I recently worked with a local dental office that was redefining their marketing strategies for better campaign results. Upon finding out that they didn’t have a Primary Marketing Profile, I recommended building one. With just a bit of time and entertaining creativity, we were able to produce the details of the profile.

It looks like this today.

We are marketing to Tommy and Michelle. Tommy is a 9-12-year-old boy and Michelle a 10-14-year-old girl. Tommy and Michelle generally see dentists as boring, scary, and painful, and are, therefore, excited by the fact that they have found our office through our engagement with them on social media.

With our trendy themed decorations and free, engaging waiting room activities, Tommy and Michelle are no longer bored and scared of having their teeth brightened. They appreciate the friendliness of every member of our staff, and their parents (the paying customers) are thrilled to have our highly experienced doctors give their children bright smiles at an affordable cost while being within an hour of where they live, work, or take their children to school.

You can clearly see this dentist’s office in your mind, can’t you? That’s because they were able to create a business profile around their Primary Marketing Profile.

Notice that Tommy and Michelle only cover an age range of 5 years, they are 1 boy and 1 girl (specifically noted), and they already have a personal opinion about going to the dentist.

Why would these details matter? The answer is simple.

Knowing the age range and genders of their target clients along with their preconceptions of dentists helped to identify what their interests and fears are. It provided a glimpse into the mind of the children that the office needed to attract.

This dentist was able to take the information from the Primary Marketing Profile and build marketing communications through videos, social media, and other strategies that created a desire in children to come to their office for dental work. They chose their primary clients based on this mentality: “Win the kids, win the parents”.

It worked beautifully with consistent revenue increases from their marketing campaigns.

What happens with customers outside of the profile?

Let’s look again at the dentist

I’m an adult, but I like fun games and thematic details in offices. I think it would be fun to go to a dentist where I got to play the newest games while I awaited my turn in the chair.

Am I a paying customer? Yes.

Will that dental office provide quality service to me? Yes.

But now, I am a “bonus” customer, not the primary source of revenue. If my age range and interests were considered for the Primary Marketing Profile, there would be large televisions play highlights of the best basketball games in history.

I should note that when you make a Primary Marketing Profile, you aren’t rejecting everyone who doesn’t fit within that profile. In fact, those customers purchasing from you are valuable assets.

The difference is that, rather than relying on those customers whom you never know will purchase, you are focusing your efforts on those who are most inclined to not only respond, but purchase from you.

Everyone else still gets the same level of dedicated customer service and quality solution, but now those sales are icing on the cake.

The key is to understand that your level of customer service should never change regardless of who walks through your door, but with the Primary Marketing Profile, you will gain a strong advantage when it comes to communicating your brand to your target customers.

Marketing Profile
What should go into the Primary Marketing Profile?

What should go into the Primary Marketing Profile?

The Primary Marketing Profile consists of any trait that you can think of that identifies the customer you most want to work with.

Be specific. I mean, very specific.

The profile used above is written in a descriptive manner, but you can also list out the features of your ideal customer. When consulting, I often address these general questions first. These questions are not laws, but guidelines. You can add and remove more questions to fit your industry perfectly:

  • What is the name of your ideal customer?
  • How old is your customer?
  • In what physical location does your customer reside?
  • In what industry does your customer work?
  • What is your customer’s job title?
  • What purchasing ability does your customer have?
  • What are the general needs (consultation, beauty products, etc.) and specific needs (wireless routers, eye-shadow, etc.) of your customer?
  • How often does your customer need to purchase your solution?
  • What is the budget that your customer has to spend on your solution?
  • Will your customer refer you, and what reward will he/she be given?
  • What inhibits your customer from purchasing your product or service?


Coming soon!

Be sure to check back with us as we are preparing to release our guide to conducting accurate market research. This guide will take you through the process of identifying industry trends, defining patterns of past purchases, and discovering the locations and needs of your ideal customers.

You can build a Primary Marketing Profile for your business. All you have to do is be creative, think outside the box, and offer a little bit of time for some research.

Once you have it, you’ll have an amazing tool to turn your marketing and sales efforts into tremendous return. Your customers will enjoy coming to you because you understand them on a deeper level.

But don’t stop there. As your business grows, you will need to keep redeveloping your Primary Marketing Profile to better address the needs and attractions of new customers with new solutions.

The Primary Marketing Profile is a crucial tool in the overall success of your marketing strategies, and it can be created.

However, we are ready to help you take that first step in developing your very own Primary Marketing Profile.

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